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  • Alexander Inglis


My books, so far, all have a basis in historical fact, Vikings, the Cutty Sark and circuses to name a few. However, each has the overarching element of Fantasy as the main theme. So, it's hardly surprising that, as a writer of fantasy, I love some of the quotes by other authors in this genre, not least of all Sir Terry Pratchett.

“Stories of imagination tend to upset those without one”

Oh, how true. During my book launches I normally ask a cross section of people to read and review them prior to allowing them into the wide world. Initially, a considerable percentage said they didn’t read fantasy or science fiction, but would do it for me. I’m still surprised how many of these later said how much they’d enjoyed reading them. ‘I never thought I would enjoy fantasy so much, when’s the next one coming out?’

I tend to weave a lot of historical fact in my stories, not in a way that's too obvious but as part of the tale… hopefully.

I admit that fantasy is not for everyone but, what genre is? How many have never really tried it but have still, somehow, managed to convince themselves it’s not for them? Or, is it, as Terry Pratchett says, the lack of imagination.

Even one of the greatest physicists of all time had positive things to say about fantasy…

“The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge.”

Albert Einstein.

One of the best quotes about the genre again comes from Terry Pratchett, probably one of the most qualified to comment.

“Fantasy is uni-age. You can start it in the creche, and it follows you to death.”

So, my advice to anyone who feels ‘Fantasy is not for them’, give it a try, you’d be in the greatest of company.

Alexander Inglis


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