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Alexander Inglis

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Author of 

Head asn shoulders

The 'Eagelrune' Series


Baggywrinkle  book cover

Baggywrinkle and the Harlequin Hippo

Eaglerune 'The Awakening' book cover.


The Awakening

Eagelerune 'The Teaching' book cover.


The Teaching



A story full of fantasy, excitement, romance (just a hint), danger and ingenious little people. There's always something exciting in each chapter with a little pathos occasionally offset with lots of humour from a quick-witted Scotsman.

If you read only one fantasy novel this year make sure it’s this one. Alexander Inglis may be a new name in fantasy but, on the evidence of this book, his work will be gracing bookshelves for many years to come. Let’s have more, please.

 If you enjoy well written fantasy this book, indeed this series, is required reading. Roll on volume three. As lovers of fantasy we have here the privilege of accompanying yet another occupant of a destiny laden Siege Perilous as he undertakes his quest. With Ari, Alexander Inglis has created a very worthy successor to that tradition of questing heroes. Don’t miss out on it.

In The Press


Alexander inglis head and shoulders

I write novels, short stories, poetry and non-fiction. My work has been published in various magazines such as The Leopard and Scottish Memories. Limerick Nation, an anthology, has also featured my poetry.

My non-fiction is generally historical with a local Scottish slant.

I am Scottish and spent my childhood haunting the woods, glens and seashore around Aberdeen. Baggywrinkle and the Harlequin Hippo is as much a story about relationships as a thoroughly cracking adventure … with a little fantasy thrown in.

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