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Baggywrinkle and the Harlequin Hippo

Baggywrinkle and the Harlequin Hippo Cover

Baggywrinkle is PORG. PORG have been living among us for a long, long time.
They are small (PORG means People of Restricted Growth), but they can be seen with the naked eye... if they stay still long enough.
PORG keep out of the way of us humans – or Dawds as they call us – and manage it very successfully. When was the last time you saw one?
Algernon Bertram Baggywrinkle PORG National Navy (Retired) lives in his ideal retirement home, a fully working, antique model of the Cutty Sark, (All retired PORG live in antiques … if they can manage).
PORG Ring Mistress, Felicity de Maurier – Fliss to her friends – is the owner of The Harlequin Hippo Travelling Circus which has been stranded by rising floodwater. Food for the animals is running low and reluctantly, Baggywrinkle is inveigled into transporting the circus to the winter depot where the food is kept.
They must run the gauntlet of wild animals, humans and natural disaster to reach the depot but George Claud Lockhart, Ringmaster of a rival circus, Le Cirque de Coc

The Awakening

Book cover for 'The Awakening'

Why would an entity of unimaginable power be interested in a young boy not yet past his rites of puberty? Can the boy use newfound abilities to forestall the most catastrophic event in the history of his world... Ragnarok? Read this gripping tale of mischievous gods, terrifying giants and a young boy learning about hidden abilities and the duties these new abilities have thrust upon him. A historical fantasy by the author of ‘Baggywrinkle and the Harlequin Hippo.” Arin, days from his rite of passage to manhood, is content on his island home... until a mystical encounter with his clan totem throws him into a world of dark entities and supernatural beings. While with his host animal he clashes with a formidable being but is helped by Kara — a girl he has never met — at the cost of her own freedom? Now, Arin’s mother, Freya, must teach and protect him until he has the strength and knowledge to be shown the truth about himself.

The Teaching

Book Cover for 'The Teaching'.

Loki is free.

Fenrir is free.

The Ice Giants are coming from the north.

Fimbulwinter has started. Three dread, dark years stretch ahead with only Ragnarok as the outcome … unless Ari can master his fledgling powers.

With the remnants of his clan Ari continues his journey to the east and his great grandfather. The Islanders, divided by destiny, harried by giant creatures from the north and racing against time must convince Kara’s father, Nechtan, to help them.

Nechtan must decide what is best for Kara, for the Islanders and for his people.   Should Kara stay with the monks or go with Ari and Freya. Then, when Freya reveals the Spear of Odin to him his decision becomes even more difficult knowing it will either bring him into conflict with the teachings of his spiritual leaders or run the risk of Kara being totally lost.

Meanwhile, Loki, knowing there is a threat to his plans, finds an unlikely ally.

Ari’s father’s duty takes him south to Dyflin, to petition Askuly Mac Torcaill, Jarl of Eriu for help. Already fighting the Jötunn invaders, Mac Torcaill is reluctant to send his ships north.

This epic fantasy adventure set in a world that is very much like Viking Britain and Scandinavia follows the path Ari’s duty and growing ability has bound him to.

Book no.2
Book no.1
Book no.3
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